Il diaptometro
senso metrico senso metrico


SENSOMETRICO is the Brand of Gruppo Scienzia Machinale dedicated to measurement instruments and technologies.

SENSOMETRICO owns all the capabilities to design, produce and offer on the market measuring equipments based on original methods and patented techniques. These instruments offer new functionalites that turn around the field of mechanical and tribological properties measurement on metallic materials and coverings. SENSOMETRICO operates in this market niche as the italian leading producer of innovative solutions for the global market.

The main product of this brand is DIAPTOMETRO, an instrument that measures the fundamental mechanical properties, within the engineering stress-strain σ-ε curve, as the yield strength and the ultimate tensile strength (maximum stress before necking), with a non-destructive and practical approach. With a rigorous method, proven by several set of measures, DIAPTOMETRO describes the elasto-plastic behavior of metals with quick, easy and accurate non-destructive controls. On the other hand, there are two measuring equipments that still are in their prototype developing stage, the Tribometro and the Scratch Tester. They are supposed to be launched in the market by 2014.

SENSOMETRICO can avail itself of the collaboration with certified Reaserch Centres, in particular with the Department of Materials Engineering and Industrial Technologies of the Universities of Pisa, Trento and Roma Tre. »